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To be in stock market one should know the basics of Finance, Economics, Derivatives and a bit of analysis.

5 rules which investor should follow

Rule 1. Use banks for financial transactions, short term cash management and credit management

Rule 2. Use Insurance to cover the risk

Rule 3. Use Gold to hedge your currency (Rupee)

Rule 4. Use Real estate for consumption (Residence) or Regular Income (Rent)

Rule 5. Use Capital markets to create long term wealth

Unfortunately it happens otherwise. People tend to use banks and insurance for investments. Gold for consumption (Jewelleries). Real estate for long term wealth creation and Capital market for Speculation and short term gain. Thus failing in creating wealth.

Learn to redefine your personal finance strategy. One doesn’t have the confidence in the Equity markets, which is supposed to create you wealth, is because he can’t stand with the volatility stocks show and lack of awareness on capital markets. Capital market is an area where knowledge and up-to-date information really matters. Designing your personal financial strategy one should know the basics of financial markets. 

In a turbulent sea of irrational behaviour, the rational man may be the only survivor. To be rational always be with the facts. Money is made more due to understanding rather than information. An investor’s worst enemy is not the stock market, but his own emotions. Doing your homework is infinitely more rewarding than trying to be on top of the market. Investing without research is like playing poker without looking at the cards. Despite past opportunities, the future holds more promises.

For any business one should be thorough with the basics, even for a small office job one should get trained to accomplish that. But unfortunately in stock market very few undergo the training on basics, rather ending in the losing side doing mere gambling in stocks.

We at ICMRC is a club for investors community, runs by a group of equity professionals who have ample experience in equity market. Our training department educates common man on equity trading, conducting seminars and workshops on equity and derivatives, providing expert advice, quality research and information. Our seminars and workshops also focus on sharpening the learning and analysis skill on Fundamental and Technical Analysis.

Our programs:

  • 1. Trading / Investment strategies – The success of any trader/investor lies in 3 factors
      •  How he is using the information in his hand.
      •  How he manages the fund
      •  How he uses the opportunity to maximise the profits and minimize the cost.
  • 2. Technical analysis for the Retail investor – basic and simple technical tools to identify an opportunity for buy/sell and how can a client do it with perfect timing
  • 3. Derivative trading – How a retail client can minimize his loss and maximize his profits using futures and options, Hedging and Arbitraging.
  • 4. Option Strategies – How can we maximize profits and minimize losses through option trading.
  • 5. Interest Arbitrage & Pyramid Model – The art of Rupee cost averaging to reduce the risk of the investment and maximizes the profits. Suitable for medium to long term investors