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We are a group of finance professionals, lecturers and Trainers focusing to build a bridge between the theories and practical experience in the capital market. Finance is an industry that constantly changes. We pride ourselves on keeping up with those changes. In our 25+ years of professional experience we have seen a lot of clients burn their fingers due to lack of the subject matter expertise in finance. Joining our hands you dont need to burn your savings to learn the hard lessons of investments/ personal finance.

We believe that in order to provide effective training, there must be the right balance of practical business experience and teaching skills. However, oftentimes, academics do not have the actual and practical business experience and professionals do not necessarily have the requisite skills for teaching. We offers the ideal combination of both: We offer customized financial training solutions based on successful track records of capital market experiences coupled with proven classroom and training learning methodologies. The main goal is to enable students/professionals to enhance Knowledge and core skills in financial markets with focus on Personal finance, Equities and Derivatives. Designed by Financial analysts, planners and Equity professionals with years of practical experience, the program illustrates the fundamentals of techniques used by finance practitioners through extensive workshops and lectures.